Discover the Bible

The Bible has had an incredible impact on the world. It has influenced countries, laws, the course of history and billions of people from royalty to commoners. Millions of people have sworn on it while it has been scrutinized, outlawed and even banned. In 1999 TIME Life magazine released a top 100 events of the Millennium and rated German goldsmith Johann Gutenberg’s printing of the Bible in 1455 as the number one event of the past 1000 years.  Since those days its popularity has barely diminished. In fact:

Each year more than 100 million Bibles are sold worldwide

  • In 2005, Americans spent more than half a billion dollars purchasing over 25 million Bibles
  • 168,000 new Bibles are sold or distributed in the United States every day
  • It is the world’s most translated book and not included in the best sellers list as no author would ever make it to number one
  • Since the Bible was first printed until 2007, it is estimated that 7.5 billion have been sold or distributed
  • Currently the Bible or parts have been translated into 2,527 of the worlds estimated 6,500 languages
  • At least 98% of the world’s population have access to parts or the whole Bible (Information provided by United Bible Societies –

Is the Bible the world’s greatest fraud that has ever deluded this planet? Is it really God’s words or simply a collection of old fables and mythical stories? Does it really reveal the blueprint of life or is it just a large book that is confusing, overwhelming or frustrating to read?

The Gosford Christadelphian Bible Learning Centre runs a six week Discover the Bible series that will hopefully assist in answering these questions! It explains how the Bible came to be written, tips on how to read it and most importantly why we should trust and believe in this unique book. The course is designed for anyone interested in learning more about the Bible even if you have never read it before. If you can’t attend the series we have included the topics and notes below.

We hope it inspires you to open it’s cover and come to understand this amazing and unique book for yourself.