The Kingdom of God

When we consider the state of the world today, it’s easy to see the damage we have not only done to ourselves but the habitat we live in. From the 20 or so ongoing global conflicts to the pollution of pristine and sensitive habitats, humans have demonstrated an inability to live in harmony with planet earth and each other. In contrast to this, the Bible reveals an amazing time of peace and happiness, justice and freedom, security and hope. The kingdom of God is a central theme of the Bible and as sure as God exists and man struggles to find answers to his problems it will one day become a reality.



The world’s greatest fraud?

Did the Bible really predict the demise of one of the most powerful nations on earth? Do the places mentioned in the Bible really exist? Can the Bible be trusted as God’s own words or is it the world’s biggest fraud? Over thousands of years the Bible has withstood scrutiny and examination only to be shown to be accurate and no ordinary book. Here are some quick facts that make the Bible so unique.